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You will get to return on the 29th, send a calling card on the 30th, and steal his heart on the 1st.

Upon entering the Palace of your own accord, you will be brought into the Velvet Room for your introduction to Persona fusion. Don't worry, you can always get Arsene back if you really want to by going to your Registry and purchasing him.

Unfortunately for the Warhawks, the best one just happens to be in the same conference.

While Germantown compiled a 24-6 record, West Bend West rolled to a perfect 28-0 mark in the regular season. 1 in the area, won the North Shore with an 18-0 record, four games ahead of the No. And it applies to sports as well,” Germantown coach Jeff Wolf said.

He's always represented himself in court and he's always managed to get the case thrown out.

Helen West prosecuted him in the most recent charge but his breaking into tears led the judge to dismiss the case.

This interaction will also result in you ranking up to Rank 2 with the Fool Arcana. Go to the left side of it and climb in through the window that you used to get in and out of before.

Baiting her hook with this forbidden fruit, she would cast the line and wait to see who bit.

When you're ready, meet up with your friends and you'll go over the basics and the information you have on the rooftop.

The Personas available in this Palace are as follows: Bicorn (Hermit), Pixie (Lovers), Jack-o'-Lantern (Magician), Silky (Priestess), Berith (Hierophant), Agathion (Chariot), Angel (Justice), Archangel (Justice), Kelpie (Strength), Mandrake (Death), Genbu (Temperance), Incubus (Devil).

Jonathan Wizner (right) and Connor Stoming are two of the key cogs in Germantown's lineup.

Wizner, a sophomore, leads the Warhawks in batting (.471), hits (41) and runs (29). Germantown is one of the top baseball teams in the state.