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In my response to her I was trying (and obviously failing) to get across the point that even though we live in an often dumbed-down, callous and coarse society where values and standards and simple decency are all declining (and Cyrano is right, women too have to own their part we 8767 re all in this together folks), that this doesn 8767 t have to plunge us into cynicism and bitterness.

It was painful to read and touched some nerves with me too but I find that it 8767 s the painful and uncomfortable things I read here that I learn the most from.

All of them pretty well spelled out on this blog and in Natalie 8767 s books. ” He was talking about society in general…that’s how I took it to mean. In that respect, it was a win for me but a brutal victory.

That said, there are other factors to look out for before ruling someone out. I remember hearing or reading that a man said “when pole dancing became a popular exercise class, I knew then that men had won! The man is a Narc so his separation status is not the only issue at the fore and ironically, due to his selfish, self-serving treatment of me, I got out in a relatively short amount of time.

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recently) divorced, and you’re wondering if dating this man is a good idea. Some people might automatically say you shouldn’t date anyone who falls into this category, but I’m not a fan of telling someone whether they date someone. My approach is to help you get super realistic about what you want, and what you’re getting into, so that you can make your decision to stay or leave as as possible.

You probably have a million questions on your mind. With that said, if you meet someone you’re really attracted to, but the ink on his divorce papers hasn’t yet had time to dry, you are going to need to approach some things differently if you want to minimize the risk of getting your heart broken.

Divorces, like men, come in all shapes, sizes, and situations.

Sometimes there are amicable divorces; sometimes there are epic divorces that last years and years with lots of “collateral damage.” But if you’re dating recreationally and not considering him as a long-term partner, then these questions might not matter as much, since you’re not concerned with long-term compatibility.