Heather graham dating 2016

is especially confused.) Chris Martin has yet to comment on which blonde actress he took for a romantic stroll this weekend — perhaps he does not know.

To my eye, the woman in the photo is Heather Graham.

Playing along with a band of young teenagers, he joked about the kid's being too young to know the song. It's a very famous Prince song,' and they said, 'We don't know it.

Chris Martin and Heather Graham have been spotted having a lovely mosey along a beach and now we’re all wondering what’s going on.

Two years ago, rock-and-roll dad Chris Martin consciously uncoupled from his blonde wife of 12 years, Gwyneth Paltrow.

You're only seeing the macho guy version of a story that from the woman's side, may be completely different.

Chris Martin had recently opened up about the toll his marriage break up has had on him.

He said he suffered a ‘year of depression’ following the split, although it looks like he’s put that well behind him.

For starters, no one seemed to know they were even friends.

And a cosy stroll – for a mile and a half according to one witness – is either time for a ruddy good chinwag, or the perfect length of time for a bit of romance. They were seen ambling along Paradise Cove in California.