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An interception proxy that can also passively or actively scan applications as well as perform brute-forcing.

Does not posess the automation of FDS.'), (19, 'zaproxy', ' Reconnaissance', ' Interception Proxy', ' OWASP Zed Attack Proxy.

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$wg Sphinx Search_host, $wg Sphinx Search_port, $wg Sphinx Search_index, $wg Sphinx Search_index_list, $wg Sphinx Search_index_weights, $wg Sphinx Search_mode, $wg Sphinx Search_sortmode, $wg Sphinx Search_sortby, $wg Sphinx Suggest Mode, $wg Sphinx Search Aspell Path, $wg Sphinx Search Personal Dictionary, $wg Sphinx Search_maxmatches, $wg Sphinx Search_cutoff, $wg Sphinx Search_weights, $wg Sphinx Search MWHighlighter, $wg Search Type, $wg Advanced Search Highlighting, $wg Enable MWSuggest As Media Wiki-based site administrators, one of the most common complaints we receive is that the default search engine is far from excellent.

In our day and age where Google sets the standard for search engine capabilities, users aren't happy with a basic search engine.

Two separate software components are necessary, first you need the Sphinx Search Engine (hereafter called Sphinx) and second the Sphinx Search Extension (hereafter called extension). Sphinx Search 0.8.5 version supports "intitle:", "incategory:", "prefix:", and other advanced Wikipedia search techniques described here and it also supports extended sphinx search syntax. Instructions on how to install Sphinx on Windows or Linux are similar but for a more comprehensive view on Windows and Sphinx see: Follow the instructions.

However I feel this information will be useful to system administrators and auditors so that they know what sorts of things to look out for when it comes to network printers.They need, or should I say demand, a faster, easier and better engine.The Sphinx Search Engine seems to promise exactly that; a full text search engine that is both flexible and fast.If you want more advice on how to lock down your network printer visit your vendors web site.A guide from HP is linked at the bottom of this article for your convenience.