Rain hyori dating

Hearing her answer, Shin Jung Hwan made a follow-up question and said, "There were only two which are not true?

" Hyo Ri then replied, "Those were the absurd cases.

He blurted, At that moment, the radio was suddenly cut off and music was played.

There is still no substantial evidence to prove that Rain and Hyori and indeed hooked up, but many fan accounts who listened to the radio that day have confirmed the story as true.

“Friends with benefits” – Rain and Hyori commented on what they know best about each other – each other’s body during an interview with MBC’s Section TV.

Hyori complimented Rain’s hip line and Rain mentioned Hyori’s “perfect” body line especially in tight shirts and tanks.

, born June 25, 1982), better known by his stage name Rain (Korean 비 IPA ['piː]), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer.

Nothing has been confirmed about Hyori Lee's rumored boyfriends, but still, many rumors have come out.I don't know about you guys, but Rain and Hyori's chemistry--in Happy Together 3 alone--was enough to convince me that the two aren't only in a friends zone. Could you imagine how gorgeous their child would be though? '"Hyori then continued on to explain why she never really clarified the rumors or released a statement about it in the past."I didn't explain myself to the public because I didn't realize then how big this would get or how much it would spread." When the other guests and MCs told her, "But when you don't clarify things like this, people just start accepting the rumor as the truth," Lee Hyori added on, "But also, sometimes when you release a statement about this kind of thing, then it could even become a bigger issue. ; If you're a celebrity who's done a phone call on broadcast before, you know that there are no call-ins by surprise.