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Meredith to produce information about his degrees but that he has not done so. Meredith also claims an honorary doctorate from an association of Christian counsellors, an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree awarded by the Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association.

According to Industry Canada, the school granting the degree, the Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors College, is not a school or an educational institution, but a registered business. Meredith faced criticism in February when it was revealed he travelled on two round trips with his wife to Ottawa within a 10-day span, running up about ,000 in air travel.

Outwardly, David Chenery-Wickens was a respectable churchman who had been happily married for ten years to Diane, 48, an Emmy award-winning make-up artist for the BBC.

In reality he was a 'sexual predator' who had been spinning her along with lies for years, the court was told.

Ahhh, Florida, the state where public service hotlines are hotter than the weather.

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In fact, the court was told, within hours of killing her he met a man for sex, phoned several of his female lovers and apparently crept naked into the garden of another of the women. But only when Mrs Chenery-Wickens's body was found dumped in undergrowth four months later, close to the railway line her husband worked on as a hobby, was he finally charged.'What is clear is that this defendant was a serial adulterer and something of a sexual predator from day one - and I mean day one - of their marriage,' Philip Katz, prosecuting, told Lewes crown court.Justin Hamilton, 31, of Paisley and 26-year-old Kristen Harris of Eustis were jailed after cops found them living in a filthy car with three children, one of whom was suffering from second degree sunburns, Mount Dora police said, reports the Orlando...Drug Trafficker Rule #101: Stay under the radar and never mail your drugs in something as readily available as, say, Meow Mix. Lake County Sheriff's deputies say Robert Lord Morris, 48, of Eustis, was...'Rather than see his deceitful life fall to pieces, he killed Diane, his wife.He got rid of her body.' Chenery-Wickens, 52, of Duddleswell, Uckfield, East Sussex, denies murder.