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In fact, they’ve spent about 0 and hundreds of hours on it.

It started when Caudle, a 19-year-old political science major from Gilbert, was a member of the Facebook group "Bernie Sanders' Dank Meme Singles,” where Sanders’ fans exchange jokes and flirt.

Instead, the lyrics ("Put me out of my misery/ Hurry up, come see me" and "I’m thinking things I’ve never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like") appear to peg her budding romance with her co-coach-turned-boyfriend Blake Shelton as the subject for the second time, following "Make Me Like You." But that could just be some clever misdirection on her part. But considering the newness factor hinted in her "so into you totally" and "I'm thinking things I never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like" lines ... (For what it's worth "Make Me Like You" falls fourth on that list, so by her description it'd be one of the sassier entries, too.

When she first shared the skinny on the track list, Gwen assured us that the first half of would be "dark and humorous." Back in November, she laid it out to Carson Daly at 97.1 as follows: "If you hear the record, the entire record — the first half was like that.

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He created a dating website for fans of Bernie Sanders called Bernie Not someone who will ignore me for days to weeks on end. I want someone who see I am Honest Loving Caring Daring Decent Kind Hearten Considerate Open Minded Understanding And Loyal Self Confident Intellectual Trust worthy Down earth to every one in life and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lively. I'm a proud Apostolic Pentecostal Sunday School teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade.Im currently a manager for a fast food restaurant, not my ideal job but it'll pay the bills for now.